Our Story

Citizens for Ormond Beach (CFOB) was established in the early 1970’s when a plan was proposed to demolish the Casements and erect a 24 story condominium in its place.

The Casements in the 1970’s had been vacant for a number of years. Fires and vandalism had taken it’s toll. Although in a deteriorating condition, the citizens of Ormond Beach understood the value of the property’s location and the contribution the Casements made to our areas history.  As is the case with most civic groups, Ormond Beach citizens organized because of this issue. The issue for the newly organized Citizens For Ormond Beach Inc. was not to lose this treasure. Working together with other groups citizen activism won and in 1973 the City of Ormond Beach purchased the Casements. And the rest is history...

CFOB Board of Directors 2020

Liz Myers, Chair

Bill Denny, Vice-Chair

Ginny Turner, Secretary

Rita Press, Treasurer

Lee Dunkel

Kathy Grabow

Norman Lane

Jerry Lapidus

Shannon McLeish

Terry Mercer

Marty Press

Ruthie Trychel

Susan Wright