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Are Planning Board meetings open to the public?

Planning Board meetings are open to the public for citizen input on all agenda items.  The Chairman will ask if there is anyone from the public that would like to address the Board.  The Planning Board meets the second Thursday of each month.

Does Ormond Beach have a noise ordinance?

From the Neighborhood Improvement Division:

The decibel noise levels increase in residential zones from 55 DBA to 60 DBA at 7:00 A.M.  That would indicate that mowing at 7:00 A.M. is acceptable.  Prior to 7:00 A.M. would likely be a violation.

It would be nice if the walk with the city manager could be executed during a time when the working folks have off from work. I work Monday-Friday and am usually already at my place of employment by 8 a.m. Maybe a Saturday morning?  It is the same for the "Coffee with a Cop" and I just can't miss work to attend.  Thanks for anything you can do to accommodate!

Joyce Shanahan, the City Manager has responded verbally stating she would be happy to walk on a Saturday morning. We look forward to arranging such a walk and will keep you posted on CFOB's Upcoming Events and Calendar pages

I live in The Trails and many residents have expressed concerns about people speeding through our neighborhood. We are a family oriented community with many small children playing, riding bikes, and people walking dogs. What do we need to do in order to have signs erected that say something to the effect of "Caution Children Playing" or something that would get driver's attention? Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

The FDOT does not sanction the “children at play” signs because they believe it give the families a false sense of security about people obeying traffic signs. If the writer of the email would provide specific streets that she they have concerns about we can do some extra patrols in that area.

What are the present plans, if any, for the former Food Lion grocery store on E Granada?

From Joe Mannarino from Economic Development: The City is in regular contact with the property owner and their leasing agent and has offered assistance in recruiting a grocer or retail business to the site. The most recent report from the leasing agent was that he was working with a few businesses that have shown interest in leasing the space. I have not been provided any details on the businesses.

As residents are now enjoying swimming in their community pools, we have received a number of questions as to what  the requirements  are for testing the quality of the water and maintaining a safe and healthy environment in which to swim. We will forward this question to the city and post their answer.

The Florida Department of Health in Volusia County answered our inquiry: Regarding operating requirements of a public swimming  pool, Chapter 64E-9 of the Florida Administrative Code states that a daily record of information regarding pool operation, using the Monthly Swimming Pool Report (DH form 921  shall be the responsibility of the pool owner or operator.  The daily testing and record keeping of the water quality may be performed by the owner or on-site maintenance person and does NOT have to be performed by a certified pool technician.  At a minimum, the disinfection level (chlorine or bromine) and the pH of the water should be tested daily and recorded on the Monthly Swimming Pool Report that must be stored at the pool equipment location for inspection by Health Department staff when conducting the twice a year random inspections.  Any repairs or modifications to the pool or any treatment equipment shall be performed by a licensed pool contractor after first notifying the Health Department.

If a home is having construction, are the construction workers allowed to dump their extra sand and wash their wheelbarrows over the storm water drain?

Contractors should be aware that this is not an acceptable activity.  The Chief Building Official will speak with the contractor upon receipt of the address where this activity is taking place.

Can you provide information about the multi-use trail being built on Beach Street to the entrance of Tomoka State Park?

This trail has been completed and is open to the public. The trail will start at Inglesia and Beach Street and extend for a mile to the entrance of Tomoka State Park. The path is on the west side of Beach Street.

Is there a law or a reason for ambulances to drive through the city with loud sirens sounding at such hours as 4 AM when there is not a car or other vehicle in sight and no intersection is near?  It has been so evident to me that the roadway is absolutely clear of all traffic when this happens many, many nights.  It would seem to me that this is unnecessary noise. It does awaken City residents. If needed, that is okay. But it seems unnecessary and perceived as some guy showing his authority at the expense of local residents.

From the Police Chief: State law requires lights and sirens when responding in an emergency.

When driving on Main Trail in the City of Ormond Beach, I see signs on that street that say 'NO THROUGH TRAFFIC".Why are these instructions there? It is my understanding that the Mail Trail is a city street and paid for by taxpayers. If this is true, it would seem reasonable that anyone wishing to avoid the traffic jams on Granada would use the public owned MAIN TRAIL to pass through that area, thus avoiding the school and other heavy traffic. Please enlighten the public as to why these sign are there.

When Wilmette Ave was built in 1989 the City agreed to not allow through traffic from Wilmette to Main Trail because Main Trail was designed for local traffic and the City was responding to the concerns of the Trails residents fearing much increased traffic,especially since Granada Blvd was only two lanes at the time and very congested. When Nova Road was widened in 1997 an attempt was made to continue this prohibition of through traffic by constructing traffic islands allowing only left and right turns and by posting the intersection for left and right turns. This resulted in many crashes at that intersection. At that time there was a lot of public discussion and ultimately the intersection was changed to allow for all direction traffic movements, but as a concession to the Trails residents and good traffic management, the No Through Traffic signs were maintained. Given the fact that Granada and Nova are now multi lane, it makes good sense to discourage through traffic on Main Trail. It is much faster, easier and safer for traffic to use Nova and Grenada than to cut through on Main Trail, even at peak traffic times.

What happened to the collection containers for clothes and shoes? There used to be a lot of them all around town, placed there by charitable organizations or commercial enterprises. Why were they removed (e.g. near Winn Dixie/Office Depot; at Tomoka Elementary School)? Where can I bring my used clothes/shoes now?

Several years ago Ormond Beach was being over run with these collection bins. The bins contents were frequently over flowing and spilling over on to the surrounding area. They became a blight! To add to this dilemma the main collection bin supplier purported to be a non profit charity. Investigation into this company, Sunrise Trading found them to be listed as a for profit company with a mailing address in Jersey City, NJ.  The city acted and listed requirements for collection containers. The following is just one of the requirements listed for collection containers:

Sponsoring agencies shall register with and be evaluated annually by the Building Department for compliance with the standards contained in this section. The sponsoring agencies shall provide proof of authorization by the property owner, a site plan detailing where the bins are to be located and the size and overall dimensions of the bins. Sponsoring agencies have to provide proof of being a non-profit, charitable organization registered as a 501(c)3, in order to place donation bins in the city.  Wearable clothing can be brought to any of the many thrift stores in our area run by charitable organizations.

In light of the new regulation passed by the Legislature could you tell me what information I need in order to secure a photo ID to be able to now vote in Florida. Where can I get the photo ID? Any help would be appreciated.

The only acceptable forms of ID permitted are as follows:
Valid drivers license
Florida ID card issued by DMV
US Passport
Debit/credit card
Military ID
Student ID
Retirement center ID
Neighborhood association ID
Public assistance ID (Social Security or other social services)

When is the next Walking with the City Manager?

Walking with the Manager is held monthly and starts at 8:30 a.m. in various locations throughout the city. Please check the City's website for dates and locations.

Does the Citizens of Ormond Beach hold any monthly or semi-monthly meetings?

Citizens For Ormond Beach holds it's Board meetings the second Wednesday of the month in the auditorium at the Ormond Beach Library. We start at 5:30 PM and end at 6:45 PM. We will not be meeting in April. In May, City Manager, Joyce Shanahan will be our special guest, filling us in on Ormond happenings and answering your questions. Our board meetings are open to all and we are happy to have guests.

Where can you obtain an application for the Olive Grove apartments on W. Granada Blvd?

Meg Moore - Beneficial Communities 2206 Jo-An Drive Sarasota, FL 34241

I have heard about the discount prescription card available by the City. Can you provide more information?

The City of Ormond Beach has a new program to offer savings on prescription drugs to residents who are without health insurance, a traditional benefits plan, or have prescriptions that are not covered by insurance.

The Prescription Discount Card is made available to residents by the City of Ormond Beach in collaboration with the National League of Cities (NLC) and is made possible through the City of Ormond Beach’s membership in NLC.

The card is FREE to all Ormond Beach residents, regardless of age, income or existing health insurance. By using this card you may save an average of 20% off the regular retail price of prescription drugs at participating pharmacies.

Discover the savings and learn more about the , access the program online and print a card, check drugs prices and locate participating pharmacies. Prescription Discount Program

Residents may also pick up a card at the following locations:

  • Ormond Beach City Hall (any office)
  • All Ormond Beach Fire Stations
  • Ormond Beach Police Department
  • All other Ormond Beach facilities

Or for more information, call toll free: 1-888-620-1749. This is not insurance. Discounts are only available at participating pharmacies. By using this card, participants agree to pay the entire prescription cost less any applicable discount. Savings may vary by drug and pharmacy

Here is a suggestion to make Central Park more family-friendly: stop the traffic that speeds though Hammock Lane. Hammock Lane runs from Old Kings Road To Orchard Street through the part of the park that has the kids' playground, basketball field, tennis court, etc. Regularly, cars speed on Hammock Lane. If some form of barrier, or even a parking lot, was put midway through Hammock Lane, through-traffic could not use it any more as a short cut. Which is no big deal, as Division Avenue and Hand Avenue run just a couple of blocks south of it and can be used by drivers instead. By reducing traffic, it would make the playground and ball field areas of Central Park much safer, and could even provide additional parking.

I am all for making sure we have safe, legal speed observed and whatever we can do to make that happen. I will ask staff to look at it and maybe step up enforcement in the interim. Thank you CFOB and the citizen for bringing the issue to our attention.

Commissioner of Zone 4,
Bill Partington.

I would like some information about a new development called olive grove on st rd 40 thank you.

Olive Grove is a 88 multifamily development containing 12 1BR/1B, 44 2BR/2B, and 32 3 BR/2B units. It is located in the City of Ormond Beach. The development has four 3-story multi-family buildings along the north property boundary and one multi-family building toward the east end of the parking area. The project also has a clubhouse, pool, pavilion, tot lot, and an unmanned guard house, mail kiosk, and a maintenance building. See attachment with architectural renderings for the prototypical building and clubhouse. To support the project, the City Commission allocated $150,000 to offset impact fees and Volusia County provided $150,000 for gap financing. The project must stay affordable for 10 years. Affordability is defined as rent not exceeding 30% of area wide median income. Volusia County ’s median income was $56,000 per year, tenants of the development with a median income for a family of four will be between $20,000 and $34,000 per year. This is workforce housing based upon the wages and types of jobs available in this county. It should not be represented as subsidized rent.The Florida Housing Finance Agency provided tax credits while all the funds in the project are private sector equity. There is only $300,000 of public funds in the project. The total development costs for the 88 units is about $16 million, or about $180,000 per unit.

I notice various landscape services blowing yard clippings and debris into the street, especially prevalent from many business's along Granada Blvd. Besides the obvious inconsideration of simply taking "their" mess and putting it into the street, it also contributes to clogging storm drains. Is this legal? If not how can we get this stopped?

From the Code of Ordinances:

"It shall be unlawful for any person to disturb or to scatter or spread about or cause to be disturbed or scattered or spread about any solid waste, yard waste or recyclable items."

All lawns debris should be blown onto the property rather than the street.